About Fulcrum 

Karen Klein, Principal


Clients tell me they appreciate my professionalism, conscientiousness, perseverance, and upbeat attitude – and I love cementing those kudos. 


I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t asking “why?” and feeding that curiosity reading and looking up factoids in the encyclopedia. Combine that inquisitiveness with a love of typewriters and you have a natural-born investigator and reporter. 


I translated that love of learning and tapping on a keyboard into a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and a Master of Science degree in information science, both from the Pennsylvania State University. We Are!


After working in the corporate arena for almost 20 years, I founded Fulcrum Information Research and get tremendous satisfaction finding the “unfindable” and exceeding clients’ expectations. I love working independently or collaborating with teams toward a common goal. 


I am a long-standing member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) and have held numerous volunteer leadership roles, currently serving as president-elect of the board of directors. I am on the editorial committee and contributing writer to Women2Women magazine, a program of the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance (GRCA). I co-chair my church’s food pantry that provides supplemental food assistance each month to community members in need.

Combining left-brain processing with right-brain creativity, we create customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. 


Since 2005 we have helped companies in a number of sectors including manufacturing, transportation, technology and consulting move their business forward by giving them actionable information they can use to pivot.

Our Approach



We meet with you to understand what you are looking for and how you will use the findings to create a solution tailored to you. Depending on the assignment we use secondary research (material that is already published) and/or primary research (first-hand accounts through surveys, interviews or observation) to find the answers. After completing the search, we report the findings in your preferred format.


Project Management

When you have a project that must be completed on-time and on-budget, we work with you and your team to define the requirements, create the project timeline, establish milestone check-ins, and confirm the budget. We propel your project from A to Z to ensure the outcome you expect. 


Writing and Editing

We take care to learn about your business and your target audience to make sure that content is written in your voice and resonates with your readers. We will follow your in-house style guide or the Associated Press Stylebook if you don’t have a preference.